Fluid Art Journaling 

Art journaling with high flow paints has been one of the most exciting experiences in my creative life. I love letting the paints flow, getting out of the way, and watching the magic happen. I tinker, experiment, and experience the joy I felt in creating as a child. As one of my students said, this process and these paints are "quite addictive" and really wakes up the playful part of us all. I want to welcome you into this freeing experience where you don't need to try so hard, judge yourself, or worry about the outcome. You can play, express your feelings, and discover the beautiful worlds within you. I'd love to show you how.  

I hope you'll join us on this adventure with high flow paints on Thursday, June 21st at 12pm EST! There will be a replay if you can't make it live, available for 48 hours. 

In this workshop you will: 

+ Learn to let go and play with high flow acrylic paints.

+ Use simple lines to create multiple different, unique journal pages. 

+ Weave writing, mark making and paint in expressive ways. 

+Stop judging and start experiencing your creative life.

+PLUS: Receive a 15 page PDF workbook with the supplies, tips, and tricks from our workshop to help you keep fluid art journaling on your own.

Hurry, the course starts in:


Ready to start your fluid art journal? 

high flow art journaling

I love high flow paints because they offer infinite possibilities for exploration and play.

fluid art, high flow paint ideas

Aren't these colors so rich and vibrant? This is the power of high flow paints!

fluid art journaling techniques


fluid art journaling


fluid art journaling, fluid art class

Dive into new worlds.

high flow acrylic pour, high flow paint techniques

Explore inner landscapes.

fluid art journaling, fluid art journal

This is your fluid journaling adventure.

Ready to get in the flow?